A Message From Your Cougar Family: 4/20/2020


I hope everyone had a great weekend and everyone is staying safe and healthy at this time.  As an FYI since we are not at school, our staff members are using their personal phones to reach our Cougars.  If you receive a call from an unidentified caller, it is likely an HCMS staff member trying to connect with you for various reasons.

With so much information being shared at this time, I wanted to take a moment to answer a few questions:

What is the difference between a Virtual Learning folder and an MP3 Recovery Plan?

The Virtual Learning folder contains optional re-teaching, remediation, and enrichment work for students to continue learning.  These assignments will not be graded but will receive feedback from teachers.  These assignments will not be included in the MP3 grade.

MP3 Recovery Plans contain optional assignments that students can submit to help improve their current MP3 grade.  These assignments are graded for accuracy and will be added to the student’s grade only if it improves.  Please submit assignments as they are completed so teachers have time to provide feedback prior to the Friday, April 24th deadline.

What is the difference between a verified credit and a high school credit?

A verified credit is connected to specific high school level courses that have a corresponding SOL test, (Algebra 1, Geometry, Earth Science, World History). Verified credits are required for graduation and are earned when students pass the course and the associated SOL.  Beginning May 6th, all work posted for these classes is mandatory to earn this course credit as well as the verified credit without taking the SOL.  

Other classes, ex. (Spanish A, Spanish B, Spanish II, French A, French B, French II, Art I, Independent Living, Tech Foundations, Exploring Computer Science, Intro to Game Design and Coding) receive high school credit but are not tied to an SOL test.  Beginning May 6th, all work posted for these classes is mandatory to earn this course credit.

What happens if my child does not complete the posted work for his/her high school level class?

Students are expected to complete this work so they can earn a verified credit and/or high school credit depending on the class.  If students choose not to complete the work now, they will complete it when we return to school.  Please encourage them to complete and submit these assignments in May to avoid overload when we return to school as they will also have assignments to complete in their new classes.

What if I want my child to repeat a high school level class next year and NOT receive the verified/high school credit?

This is still an option but the process has not been finalized.  As soon as we know this process we will let you know. 

When will we be able to get into the school to get items such as band instruments, PE clothes, and other personal items?

HCMS remains closed at this time.  As soon as we are able to return to our building, I will share a pick-up schedule with staggered times for students to collect their items.

What happens to any money left in my student’s lunch account?

Those funds will roll over for use next year.

When will we get our spring pictures?

Strawbridge is working on a plan to distribute student pictures directly to families.  I will share their plan when it has been finalized.

When will we get our yearbooks?

At this time, we do not have any information about yearbook distribution or additional purchases of yearbooks.  As soon as that information becomes available we will share it with you.

When will grades be finalized for the 19-20 school year? When will my student receive a report card?

All grades will be finalized on May 1, 2020.  Information regarding accessing final grades and report cards will be forthcoming.


EdFlix will be your one-stop-shop for information moving forward regarding teaching and learning.  Please bookmark this site as information will continue to be posted and updated here.


Here is a link with FAQ’s that will continue to be updated that will provide information related to meals, technology issues, virtual learning, etc:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email or Schoology message to any member of the HCMS staff.

Be safe and have a great day!!!