5/6 – 6/12 New Learning for HCMS Students in HS Credit-Bearing Courses


Please read the information below carefully highlighting our transition into Time Slot 3 on Wednesday, May 6th:


5/6 – 6/12

New Learning for HCMS Students in Credit-Bearing Courses

Middle School students currently enrolled in a high-school credit-bearing course (click here to see list of courses) will engage in required* new learning experiences that will include essential missing content that would have been taught after March 13, 2020. This content will not be graded, however, there will be a denotation on the transcript that will be removed upon completion of the missing content/new learning modules. *Students who are unable to complete the modules during this window will have another opportunity in the 2020-21 school year. Students enrolled in a course with an associated verified credit (e.g., related SOL) who need the associated verified credit to meet graduation requirements and have received the standard credit will be awarded a Locally Awarded Verified Credit (LAVC).


5/6 – 6/12

Review and Enrichment for All Other HCMS Students

All middle school students in grades 6-8 not in HS credit-bearing courses will be provided with continued optional opportunities for review and enrichment of content that was previously taught as well as content that would have been delivered (or introduced) in Marking Period 4. This will be delivered in Schoology by the current class teacher for classes in which the student was enrolled. Social-emotional learning modules will also be available.


Stay safe and have a great day!!!