Summer Season – Pathway 5


I am writing with an important reminder about summer review, enrichment, and remediation opportunities for your student. As part of the Henrico County Summer Season, we are offering robust activities in English, math, science, and social studies for your student to continue learning in a meaningful way this summer. These enrichment activities will be available from July 13 until August 6.

English – We want to make sure students are working beyond the summer reading this year.  As such, we will be providing activities across the literacy spectrum so that students can have an enriching experience this summer.

Math – Everyone IS a math person and every day we use math. Come join us and discover just how much it’s used. You will find activities that are relevant, engaging, and downright FUN.

Science – Science is all around us and summer is a great time to use what you learned last school year and explore more about an area of science. Science EdFlix activities will satisfy your curiosity and allow you to explore more science!

Social Studies – Have you been stuck at home for months on end? Tired of things being closed? Check out the offerings for Social Studies, and you will get to explore Richmond and the world.

Please visit our EdFlix site in order to find opportunities. It’s always a good idea for all students to participate in summer learning, but it’s even more important this summer. Please take a moment to review the summer opportunities for your student.

Have a great day!!!