Updated: Laptop Update Information 9/4


This is just a quick message letting you know that students will be able to access their classes on the first day even if you were not able to perform the update.  If you need additional support and assistance with this update, please contact the front office at 527-2640 to make an appointment and we will provide that support.

Have a great day!!!


Please see the link below with updated laptop preparation information.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d-SKZxyzNUnVdqD9k_TlvmrFpaIegF68/view?usp=sharing ​​​​​​​

Please note this update is very important but the student laptop will still function for digital learning on day 1 if you do not get a chance to update prior to the start of school.  This update is for the Windows operating system and we still ask you to do this update as soon as possible