Attendance Matters-Virtual! Parents Please Read!

Attendance Matters-Virtual!

When Your Child Is Out:

Parents: Please make sure you call the school the day of your child’s absence or if you child will miss any classes due to medical appointments, etc. – at 527-2640


Henrico Code of Conduct states:

  • When a student accumulates five (5) unexcused absences, the parent will be contacted and the school social worker will develop a plan with the parents to resolve the student’s nonattendance.
  • A written statement by a physician is required when a student misses more than 10 days during the school year because of illness.


Helpful Hints:

  • Please call the school the day of your child’s absence at 527-2640 Option 1 – this is a voicemail system monitored by the attendance office.
  • If you forget to call the day of the absence, please send a note within 24 hours of the absence.