SOL Information/Forms/FAQ

Good morning Cougars,

We understand many were not able to complete the Rycor SOL participation form due to the short administration window.  Attached is a copy of the form.  If you did not complete it, you may print it, complete it and scan it back to our testing coordinator, Tricia Lahrman at .  It must have a written signature on the form (electronic signature cannot be used).  If you are unable to print it and/or scan it, you may bring it to Hungary Creek via your student or drop it off in the main office.  Or, you may contact our testing coordinator  Tricia Lahrman at (804) 527-2640. She can complete the form with you over the phone.

SOL RYCOR FORM for paper collection (002).pdf


We realize many have questions about the SOL process.   Please reach out to the testing coordinator, Tricia Lahrman (804) 527-2640 with any questions or concerns.    Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions:


Do SOLs impact my child’s ability to move to the next grade or pass the class?

No, SOLs do not impact your child’s ability to be promoted to the next grade level or pass the class.


My child is taking high school credit classes in middle school.  Do they need the SOLs to receive credit for graduation requirements?

Any high school credit course’s SOL taken in middle school can count toward a student’s graduation requirements.   There is a difference between earning a high school credit and earning a verified credit.  A student earns a high school credit by passing a high school credit class.  Students earn verified credits by passing the class AND by passing the End of Course SOL.   In 2020-2021 a score of 350+ earns the student a verified credit (usually 400+).


Current middle school students need ONLY 5 verified credits for graduation:

  • 1 Math Credit (Algebra I, Geometry, OR Algebra II)
  • 1 Reading Credit (English 11 Reading SOL)
  • 1 Science Credit (Earth Science, Biology, OR Chemistry)
  • 1 Writing Credit (English 10 Writing SOL)
  • 1 History Credit (World History I, World History II, OR US History).

Schools are expected to meet federal test participation requirements, so once students are in high school, they may be asked to participate in one of the Math SOLs and the Biology SOL, regardless of if they have received the verified credit in middle school in these contents.


Will my student have to take the final exam if they take a high school credit class?

Final Exams will still take place for all high school credit courses.  SOLs may be used in place of a final exam.   If a student does not take the SOLs they will take a final exam. However, final exams will be given virtually to virtual students.


Again, please feel free to reach out to our testing coordinator, Tricia Lahrman at (804) 527-2640 or with any questions.